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Definition of 3D
Aren't dreams always in 3-D?.
2. A movie with images having three dimensional form or appearance.
English → English -  3D
adj. three dimensional, having a three dimensional appearance or shape
n. movie having a three dimensional appearance
English → Spanish -  3D
adj. tridimensional, de apariencia o configuración tridimensional
s. película tridimensional
English → German -  3D
adj. 3D, dreidimensional, drei Dimensionen aufweisend
n. 3D, Film mit dreidimensionaler Ausstrahlung
English → Italian -  3D
agg. tridimensionale, a tre dimensioni
s. 3D, film realizzato in tre dimensioni
English → Portuguese -  3D
adj. tri dimensional, que tem a aparência e forma tri dimensional
s. filme tri-dimensional
English → Russian -  3D
3-Dimensional a. в трех измерениях
English → Greek -  3D
(Lex). τρισδιάστατο