A bit

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Definition of A bit
1. To a small extent; in a small amount; rather.
Isn't that hat a bit small for him?
Could you move that up a bit?
English → English -  A bit
a little, a few, a jot
English → Spanish -  A bit
un poquito, un poco, algún tanto, un tanto
English → French -  A bit
un morceau, un bout, une partie, un passage
English → German -  A bit
etwas, ein bißchen
English → Indonesian -  A bit
adv. sebingkah
English → Italian -  A bit
un po', poco
English →  -  A bit
adv. trochę
English → Portuguese -  A bit
um pouco, um pedaço, algo
English → Romanian -  A bit
adv. puţin, ceva
English → Russian -  A bit
чуточку, немного
English → Turkish -  A bit
bir parça
English → Ukrainian -  A bit
adv. щось
English → Dutch -  A bit
een beetje
English → Arabic -  A bit
English → Chinese -  A bit
English → Chinese -  A bit
English → Japanese -  A bit