A bit of

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English → English -  A bit of
a jot of, a little of, a few of
English → Spanish -  A bit of
un poco de...
English → French -  A bit of
un peu de
English → German -  A bit of
etwas von, ein bißchen von
English → Italian -  A bit of
un po' di
English → Portuguese -  A bit of
um pouco de-, algo de-
English → Russian -  A bit of
чуточку, немного, кусочек
English → Turkish -  A bit of
English → Dutch -  A bit of
een stukje/beetje .....
English → Chinese -  A bit of
English → Chinese -  A bit of
English → Japanese -  A bit of
English → Korean -  A bit of
아주 조금의, 소량의