A great deal

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Definition of A great deal
1. Very much; to a great extent; a lot; lots.
They had a great deal less than we had.
2. A large amount; a lot.
English → English -  A great deal
to a very much extent (e.g., " we enjoyed ourselves a great deal at the party"), not often or in large quantities (e.g., "I don't drink a great deal of alcohol")
English → Spanish -  A great deal
mucho, no frecuentemente, una enorme cantidad de
English → French -  A great deal
bonne affaire, bon coup, bon business
English → German -  A great deal
sehr viel, in großem Maße
English → Indonesian -  A great deal
adv. banyak sekali
English → Italian -  A great deal
un sacco, una gran quantità
English →  -  A great deal
adv. wiele, sporo, znacznie
English → Portuguese -  A great deal
bastante, infrequentemente ou em pequena quantidade ou intensidade
English → Russian -  A great deal
много, невпроворот, множество, многое, большое количество
English → Turkish -  A great deal
bir hayli, oldukça çok
English → Dutch -  A great deal
heel wat (bv: "We hebben heel wat genoten op het feestje"), niet vaak of in grote hoeveelheden (bv., Ïk drink niet veel alcohol")
English → Greek -  A great deal
English → Arabic -  A great deal
‏كثير جدا‏
English → Hindi -  A great deal
adv. बहुत, बहुत कुछ, अनेक, प्रचुर
English → Japanese -  A great deal
たくさん(例えば”私達はパーティーでたくさん楽しんだ”), 大量に(例えば”私はアルコールを大量に飲まない”)
English → Korean -  A great deal
아주 더
English → Vietnamese -  A great deal
adv. tư tưởng vĩ đại