A little

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Definition of A little
1. To a small extent or degree.
2. A small amount
A little water has spilled.
English → English -  A little
English → Spanish -  A little
un poco
English → French -  A little
adj. un peu
adv. un peu, un petit peu
English → German -  A little
ein wenig, ein bisschen, bißchen [alt], bissel, bisserl [Süddt.][Ös.], etwas, bisschen
English → Indonesian -  A little
adv. sedikit
English →  -  A little
n. ociupina, kąsek
adv. trochę
English → Portuguese -  A little
adv. um pouco
English → Romanian -  A little
adv. puţin, câtva, ceva
English → Russian -  A little
небольшое количество, немного, чуточку
English → Turkish -  A little
zf. biraz, birazcık, azıcık
English → Ukrainian -  A little
adv. трохи, потроху, трішки
English → Dutch -  A little
bw. een beetje
English → Greek -  A little
επίθ. λιγάκι, λίγο
English → Arabic -  A little
English → Chinese -  A little
少量的, 稍许的, 少量, 一点
English → Chinese -  A little
少量的, 稍許的, 少量, 一點
English → Hindi -  A little
adv. थोड़ा सा
English → Japanese -  A little
(名) 少し
(副) ごくわずかだが
English → Korean -  A little
명. 조금
English → Vietnamese -  A little
adv. chút ít, nhỏ