A lot

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Definition of A lot
I have a lot of things to say.
2. Many things, much.
A lot depends on whether your parents agree.
3. Very much; a great deal; to a large extent.
Thanks a lot for listening to me.
It's a lot harder than it looks.
4. Often; frequently
I go swimming a lot.
English → English -  A lot
very much, very many, very, extremely
English → Spanish -  A lot
mucho, una gran cantidad, un montón, bastante, de lo lindo, muchísimo
English → French -  A lot
énormément, en grande quantité, extrêmement
English → German -  A lot
sehr viel, eine Menge
English → Indonesian -  A lot
adv. banyak, jauh
English → Italian -  A lot
molto, estremamente
English →  -  A lot
n. fura
adv. dużo, wiele
English → Portuguese -  A lot
muito, bastante
English → Russian -  A lot
очень много, очень сильно, невпроворот
English → Turkish -  A lot
English → Ukrainian -  A lot
adv. багато
English → Dutch -  A lot
veel, heel veel, een hoop
English → Greek -  A lot
πολλά, πολλοί, πολλές
English → Arabic -  A lot
English → Chinese -  A lot
大量的, 许多的
English → Chinese -  A lot
大量的, 許多的
English → Japanese -  A lot
大量, 多量, 極端