A lot of

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English → English -  A lot of
very much, very many
English → Spanish -  A lot of
mucho, muchos, bastante, la mar de, muchísimo, un montón de, un sin fin de, una gran cantidad de, muchos
English → French -  A lot of
beaucoup, en grande quantité
English → German -  A lot of
viel, sehr viel, eine Menge
English → Italian -  A lot of
tanto di, tanto dei
English → Portuguese -  A lot of
um monte de
English → Romanian -  A lot of
adv. mulţime: o mulţime de
English → Russian -  A lot of
многие, много, множество, уйма
English → Turkish -  A lot of
çok/pek çok (şey): She bought a lot of books. Çok kitap aldı.
English → Ukrainian -  A lot of
adv. безліч
English → Dutch -  A lot of
heel veel, een boel, een hoop
English → Greek -  A lot of
English → Arabic -  A lot of
‏كثيرا من‏
English → Chinese -  A lot of
English → Chinese -  A lot of
English → Hindi -  A lot of
adv. अधिक संख्या
English → Japanese -  A lot of
多量, 大量
English → Korean -  A lot of
English → Vietnamese -  A lot of
adv. nhiều, quá nhiều