A while

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English → English -  A while
(sport) unpleasant experience, troublesome accident, bad trot
English → Spanish -  A while
rato, un rato, hace un tiempo
English → French -  A while
English → German -  A while
eine Weile
English → Indonesian -  A while
adv. sebentar, untuk sementara
English →  -  A while
adv. trochę, przez chwilę, krótko, króciutko, chwilowo
English → Romanian -  A while
adv. pentru un timp, pentru puţin timp
English → Turkish -  A while
bir süre
English → Ukrainian -  A while
adv. недовго, ненадовго
English → Arabic -  A while
adهنيهة, فترة قصيرة, لحظة
English → Hindi -  A while
adv. क्षण भर के लिये
English → Vietnamese -  A while
adv. một chút, một lát, trong giây lát