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Definition of Abashed
1. Feeling or caused to feel uneasy and self-conscious.
Chagrined at the poor sales of his book.
English → English -  Abashed
adj. ashamed, embarrassed, bewildered
English → Spanish -  Abashed
[abash] v. avergonzar, consternar, correr, desconcertar, sonrojar
English → French -  Abashed
adj. confus, embarassé, désorienté, ahuri, confondu
English → German -  Abashed
[abash] v. beschämen, jem. in Verlegenheit bringen
adj. beschämt, verlegen, erstaunt
English → Indonesian -  Abashed
a. malu, bingung
English → Italian -  Abashed
agg. confuso, imbarazzato
English →  -  Abashed
a. speszony, zmieszany, zawstydzony, zakłopotany
English → Portuguese -  Abashed
adj. envergonhado, perplexo, confuso
English → Romanian -  Abashed
a. ruşinat, confuz, deconcertat, jenat
English → Russian -  Abashed
прил. смущенный, сконфуженный, пристыженный
English → Turkish -  Abashed
s. utanmış, bozulmuş, yüzü kızarmış
English → Ukrainian -  Abashed
a. збентежений, присоромлений, сконфужений
English → Dutch -  Abashed
bn. beschaamd, genant, verbijsterd
English → Greek -  Abashed
επίθ. σαν χαμένος, ταραγμένος
English → Arabic -  Abashed
English → Chinese -  Abashed
[abash] (动) 使...羞愧, 使困窘
English → Chinese -  Abashed
[abash] (動) 使...羞愧, 使困窘
English → Hindi -  Abashed
a. शर्मिंदा, व्याकुल, परेशान, घबराया हुआ
English → Japanese -  Abashed
(形) 恥ずかしい, 恥じ入った, 決まり悪い, まごついた
English → Korean -  Abashed
형. 부끄러워
English → Vietnamese -  Abashed
a. sự bối rối