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Definition of Abbess
1. A female superior or governess of a nunnery, or convent of nuns, having the same authority over the nuns which the abbots have over the monks.
The abbess was always after the nuns to keep the convent immaculately clean.
English → English -  Abbess
n. woman who is the superior of a convent, woman who is in charge of a convent
English → Spanish -  Abbess
s. abadesa, monja superiora
English → French -  Abbess
n. abbesse, femme supérieure d'un monastère de religieuses ayant titre d'abbaye
English → German -  Abbess
[abbot] n. Abt, Abtes, Äbtissin
n. Äbtissin
English → Indonesian -  Abbess
n. kepala asrama biarawati
English → Italian -  Abbess
s. badessa, priora, madre superiora in un convento
English →  -  Abbess
n. ksieni
English → Portuguese -  Abbess
s. madre superiora, a principal freira de um convento
English → Romanian -  Abbess
n. stareţă
English → Russian -  Abbess
с. аббатиса, настоятельница монастыря
English → Turkish -  Abbess
i. başrahibe
English → Ukrainian -  Abbess
n. ігуменя
English → Dutch -  Abbess
zn. Abdis (hoofdnon)
English → Greek -  Abbess
ουσ. ηγουμένη
English → Arabic -  Abbess
English → Chinese -  Abbess
(名) 女修道院院长, 女庵住持
English → Chinese -  Abbess
(名) 女修道院院長, 尼庵住持
English → Hindi -  Abbess
n. महन्तिन
English → Japanese -  Abbess
(名) 女子大修道院長
English → Korean -  Abbess
명. 대수녀원장
English → Vietnamese -  Abbess
n. nữ tu viện trưởng