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Definition of Other
1. Belonging to the distant past.
The early inhabitants of Europe.
Former generations.
In other times.
2. Recently past.
The other evening.
3. Very unusual; different in character or quality from the normal or expected.
A strange, other dimension...where his powers seemed to fail"- Lance Morro.
4. Not the same one or ones already mentioned or implied.
Today isn't any other day"- the White Quee.
The construction of highways and other public works.
He asked for other employment.
Any other person would tell the truth.
His other books are still in storage.
Then we looked at the other house.
Hearing was good in his other ear.
The other sex.
She lived on the other side of the street from me.
Went in the other direction.
English → English -  Other
n. remaining one of a pair, another one, different person
adj. another, different, remaining of a pair, additional, in the recent past
adv. otherwise, differently
English → Spanish -  Other
s. otro
adj. otro, distinto
adv. de otra manera
English → French -  Other
n. autre, une personne différente
adj. autre, différent, deuxième, en plus, additionnel
adv. autrement, différemment
English → German -  Other
pron. anderer/andere/anderes
adv. anderer/andere/anderes, etwas fremdes
English → Indonesian -  Other
n. lain: orang lain
a. lain, satu lagi
adv. lain: secara lain
English → Italian -  Other
pron. altro
agg. altro, opposto, diverso, differente
avv. diversamente, altrimenti
English →  -  Other
a. inny, drugi, odmienny
adv. inaczej
English → Portuguese -  Other
s. outro (a), o outro
adj. outro, diferente, segundo
adv. diferentemente
English → Romanian -  Other
a. celălalt, cealaltă, ceilalţi, celelalte, toţi ceilalţi, toate celelalte, alternativ
pron. alt, altul, alte, altă, alt: alţi
English → Russian -  Other
с. другой
прил. дополнительный, другой, иной, прочий, остальные
нареч. иначе
English → Turkish -  Other
i. başkası, diğer, öteki
s. başka, öbür, öteki, sonraki, geçen
zf. başka türlü, başka biçimde, bundan başka
English → Ukrainian -  Other
a. інший, додатковий, той: не той, другий з двох чи трьох
adv. інакше, по-іншому
pron. інший, один: ще один
English → Dutch -  Other
bn. ander, anders, verschillend, nog
adv. anders
prozn. ander, anders
English → Greek -  Other
επίθ. άλλος
English → Arabic -  Other
‏آخر، ثان‏
English → Chinese -  Other
(名) 对立面
(形) 其他的, 从前的, 另外的
(副) 另外地, 不同地
English → Chinese -  Other
(名) 對立面
(形) 其他的, 從前的, 另外的
(副) 另外地, 不同地
English → Hindi -  Other
a. दूसरा, आ‍ैर, अन्य, इतर, पर
adv. दूसरी तरह पर, भिन्न प्रकार से
pron. दूसरा, आ‍ैर, अन्य
English → Japanese -  Other
(代) ほかのもの, ほかの一方, 残りの全部
(副) そうでなく, ほかに
(形) もう一方の, ほかの, 異なる, 少し前の
English → Korean -  Other
명. 나머지 한쪽, 또 다른 것, 다른 사람
형. 또 다른, 다른, 나머지 것의, 이전의
부. 그렇지 않고, 달리
English → Vietnamese -  Other
a. khác, trước, cách khác, khác hơn