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Definition of Wheelhouse
1. An enclosed compartment, on the deck of a vessel such as a fishing boat, from which it may be navigated; on a larger vessel it is the bridge or pilothouse.
2. The enclosed structure around side paddlewheels on a steamboat.
3. A prehistoric structure from the Iron Age, found in Scotland, characteristically including an outer wall within which a circle of stone piers (bearing a resemblance to the spokes of a wheel) form the basis for lintel arches supporting corbelled roofing with a hearth at the hub.
4. A pitch location which is favorable to the hitter.
The pitch was right in his wheelhouse, and he hit a grand slam.
5. A person's expertise.
English → English -  Wheelhouse
n. pilothouse, small cabin on a ship where the navigation equipment is located (steering wheel, compass, etc.)
English → Spanish -  Wheelhouse
s. timonera, cámara del timonel, pequeña cabina del barco donde se encuentra el equipo de navegación (timón, brújula, etc.)
English → French -  Wheelhouse
n. abri de navigation, timonerie, partie du navire qui abrite la roue du gouvernail et les divers appareils de navigation
English → German -  Wheelhouse
n. Radkasten, kleine Kabine auf einem Schiff in der sich die Navigationsausrüstung befindet (Kompass usw.)
English → Italian -  Wheelhouse
English →  -  Wheelhouse
n. sterówka {mar.}
English → Portuguese -  Wheelhouse
[náutica] s. casa do leme, f., casa de navegação, f.
English → Romanian -  Wheelhouse
n. cabina timonierului {mar.}
English → Russian -  Wheelhouse
рулевая рубка
English → Turkish -  Wheelhouse
den. dümen evi
English → Ukrainian -  Wheelhouse
n. рубка стернового
English → Arabic -  Wheelhouse
‏حجرة مدير الدفة‏
English → Chinese -  Wheelhouse
n. 操舵室 (cao1 duo1 shı4)
English → Chinese -  Wheelhouse
n. 操舵室 (cao1 duo1 shı4)
English → Japanese -  Wheelhouse
(名) 操舵室
English → Korean -  Wheelhouse
명. 조타실, 뒷말, 충실한 노력가